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When I was young, I was constantly getting in trouble for drawing on myself. I can still hear my mom screaming, “If you keep doing that, we’re going to tattoo it on you- and it’ll be there forever!” That didn’t sound so bad! I had always been fascinated with the tattoos that my dad had. I didn’t pursue tattooing right away at age 6 but I did love drawing and art in its many forms.

In 2000, I worked as an assistant to artist Al Hogue who encouraged me to explore different mediums and tattooing was the first thing that came to mind. I had seen tons of frightening “home-made” tattoos and knew that I wanted to get tootalized  from a serious, credible tattoo artist. It was difficult to find someone willing to take me as an apprentice. I was often discouraged to continue my search for a teacher.

In 2003, I found someone willing to teach me – Billy Whitney. He has since taught me the “ins & outs” of working in a shop and the technical aspects of tattooing. I’ve also been taught to see that not all pictures work as a tattoo. I am constantly challenged to take ideas and create something unique that has depth and flows as a solid tattoo.

I continue to grow as a tattoo artist, and am proud to be part of the 808 Tattoo family.


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