As an artist, I have a deep appreciation for color and space. I have always admired Alphonse Mucha's work as well as other decorative and ornamental artists. This style lends itself well to tattooing. I have a broad appreciation for the classical artists.  I studied fashion design at Philadelphia University and realized I had a strong dislike for the, "industry." I then attended Temple University to study art history, which was informative but I was young and wanted to travel. 


I am especially fond of Japanese tattoos and have always been drawn to Asian aesthetics in general. It might be easy to assume that because I am Asian (Korean) myself, this a natural inclination. However, I actually grew up with Polish/Irish parents in a Roman-Catholic household in a small beach town and had no Asian sources in my everyday life to draw upon until I moved to Oahu on a whim in 2004. I suppose the prevalence of Victorian influence in my hometown contributed to my obsession with ornamental design, flowing patterns, and color. 


I moved to Hawaii in 2004 for no reason other than I was on a traveling kick and had not planned to stay. I loved the life I had adopted however on the North Shore of surfing, appreciating the 'aina, and the general laid back lifestyle.

I hope to use my work as a way to continue the traveling I started a long time ago and draw upon other cultures and lifestyles as inspiration for my tattoos and artwork. 

I feel very strongly about the importance of maintaining integrity in the tattoo industry. Today, it is seriously lacking. I can proudly say that I draw my own tattoos and I do not copy or steal work from others. I believe there are tattooers out there who can beautifully, "render," a portrait or a realistic subject, but I also believe there is a lack of personal merit for those who simply trace their tattoo work. I believe a true tattooer should be ABLE TO DRAW. The longer I tattoo, the more strongly I also feel about the importance of lines to hold in strong color and solid design. Tattoos should look good for as long as possible and many of the tattoos made today will not. I aim to NOT fall short on that aspect. 


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